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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog Day

For real...not Bill Murray's.

So the critter saw his shadow and now we hae more winter.

One way to avoid the winter blahs is to get a new home or investment Real Estate. We have everything from excellent river front property priced in the low $400K to cabins, condos, duplex/fourplex and of course single family.

Properties priced at or below $100K are getting hard to find but they exist. On other prices, the inventory is starting to grow as more and more buyers and sellers enter the market. Give me (or any of our agents) a call today 509-669-0354 to see what is available and for help in finding the property that is just right for you.

By the way for those trying to buy or sell on your own... be sure, if the property was built before 1978, that the sellers give the buyers the HUD Phamplet on lead based paint. To fail to do so is a big no-no punishable with literally huge monetary fines... and in this case ignorance is not an excuse.


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