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Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Good Agent

What makes for a good Real Estate Agent?

You have done some research, have good ideas of the kind of house you want to buy and have a Pre-Approval Letter. Now you are ready to get an agent and find "that" house.

There are a lot of agents out there. In our area about 345 or so. How do you pick the one that is right for you. Recommendations from friends might be one source. Checking out a prospects web site might also help. Who has the most signs? All of these may be starting points. But picking an agent is not like finding a salesperson to sell you a car. This is a major investment. If you are like most people, probably the biggest one of your life. Simply calling an office and talking to the first available agent (on floor duty that day) might not work for you. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

A. Look at the franchise offices. Franchise offices often have strong training programs (I work at a Windermere office and training, plus resources, is a real plus) and lots of support programs for their agents and clients. Small offices may be good too but a franchise just offers more tools.

B. Go on line to the State Department of Licensing web site. Look up the Agent you are interested in. Does it show any adverse information? How long has he/she had a license?

C. Google the agent's name. Does it show up anywhere else. Perhaps articles written, involvement in community activities, etc.

D. Interview the agent. Ask some hard questions, are your ideas, methods and background compatible? Is your agent merely an order taker or will your agent really work for you?

E Does your Agent want a written Buyers Agency Agreement? I happen to think this is a GOOD indication. Your Agent is willing to put in writing what they will do for you. They are willing to concentrate on you and not hundreds of others (ok perhaps not hundreds). In turn, they are asking for loyalty from you. But for a fairly nominal commitment from you your Agent is willing to go an extra two miles.

All of the above or non of the above may be your style. But it is a sure thing that the house you buy and the transaction will go better if you take time to pick the right Agent. You will sleep better knowing you have an Agent working for you!


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