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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rain and Your House

Have a new home? Just selling your old home and buying a a new home? Well if you are watch out for rain!

Here in Wenatchee most Wenatchee homes and homeowners have little experience with rain. Then when we have a few days of rain like this week we can have unanticipated problems that may effect selling our homes.

Here are a few tips to selling your home that fall under the maintenance of existing homes.

Around the footings of your house it is a good idea to use gravel or river rock. This causes the water to take different paths to the ground and foundation helping keep things dry inside and looking nice out.

Homes in North Central Washington often experience snow and occasional rain. Gutters and down spouts help channel the water away from foundations. So be sure they lead away from the foundation and don't just dump all runoff onto a corner of your home.

Roofs... How old is it? We have lots of older shake roofs in the area. These can be problems if not properly maintained and if the are skip sheeted they can be quite expensive to replace... Especially if not maintained.


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