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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yep got one today ... there goes my afternoon...lol

People ask about Open Houses all the time. Do they work? Why haven't you done mine recently? How did the Open go...did you get an offer?

Open houses have long been a staple in the REALTOR bag of tricks. Do they sell homes? Do Home buyers really come out? Of course and yes certainly.

But the truth is somewhere between the extremes. Most Opens do not result is a Sold Home directly. Most Home Buyers do not buy the Home they see in the open. But some do. Those that don't may become a client that buys another home. Many lookers are trying to get a feel for the market. Many are just nosy. Frankly I have yet to hold an Open that I did not get one Home Buyer from. But, alas, usually not for the home that was on Open House.

Basically selling real setate is a numbers game. Lots of exposure and more people through a house and eventually, all things being equal, an offer to purchase will be forth coming. Open houses are one way to get the exposure. Potential buyers are out and looking, getting ideas, learning about price and the market and interviewing (yes interviewing) a prospective agent. So in say 15% of the cases a person may write an offer on your home as a result of the Open. But in the other 85 they may write another offer on someone else. So if your Open House doesn't generate the lead... Relax the guy a block away at another Open is also looking and interviewing and that agent may just know the right property about a block away up the street.


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