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Monday, July 17, 2006

Do You Need an Agent?

Simple answer... no. You don't "need" an agent to complete a Real Estate Transaction. However, an agent (or at the very least a Real Estate Attorney) can not only make the experience smoother but also bettter. Consider the following;
1. Recent NAR statistics suggest that sellers average a 16% higher selling price when using a full service agent. So, after the comission that still leaves you way ahead.
2. The same stats show that using a full service agent a seller will average a 9% higher return than with a discounted agent.
3. In a PI blog a Seattle Real Estate Attorney recently quoted a statistic that should be very troubling to those representing themselves. According to that writer 85% of all Real Estate litigation is from transactions where at least one of the parties was unrepresented. Even if that number is inflated what is really scary is it is a very high percentage. Of the portion that represents Agents involved in litigation it is better than an even bet most of that litigation would also have occurred if there had been no agent. In short the legal odds are stacked against you if you are unrepresented.

So, if you want to get a better return, navigate the legal hassels and potential buyer/seller land mines... get an afgent. You will sleep better too .