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Monday, October 15, 2007

Wenatchee Market

Ok, six months is long enough. I need to take a break from Active rain and the Seattle PI's Seattle Real Estate professionals blogs and get back to basics. For me getting back to basics is in part doing the little things well... and this is one of those things I need to keep up on.

So, in spite of repeated articles saying what a hot market Wenatchee is (was) I have continued to down play the numbers (although qualifying with still some pretty good numbers). The national numbers are generated by using lake Chelan to Leavenworth with all places in between. So reality is we have been seeing increases more in line of 10-15%. not 20-25%. Then August and September came along and we kind of fell flat. Sales down, prices flat to perhaps a slight decline and inventory way up. We are back in a market more like 2004 (which was good). I think that Aug and Sep had some issues that caused the slow down (mortgage scare, continued bubble talk, and even weather). Plus along the line we went from zero inventory of build able lots to around 100. This too has had an effect... namely lots have dropped from 100K to about 90K which will be good for future prices.

So all that said so far October has started to reheat a little. We are seeing buyers emerge again (after looking at 30+ houses), sellers getting more realistic and financing levelling off. I am looking for the rest of the Fall to be good and winter above average. next Spring (say Feb on) will be good. Not great or perhaps even fast paced but good! After all selling a house is not a race.

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