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Monday, March 05, 2007

Active Market

It's March and the market has started to take off. For those of you interested in Market data I have been frequently blogging on our local market strong and weal points (mostly very strong) over on Active Rain. Historically March is a good month in River City. Old inventory is passe, new inventory is coming out daily and activity picks up as the market seeks it's level for the year.

A good year is ahead (though not up to last year) and with interest rates bumping the high 5's, lots tight we are set to record strong sales. There is a top and we have probably seen it but still good.

Lately Wenatchee has been mentioned twice in publications. One for one of the top markets nationally in 2006 (and the #2 market in 3rd quarter 2006) and another as one of the top five locations (#2 in cities) for business/economic health. I am a bit of a contrarian so I take this all with a grain and am seeking to consolidate customers and risks toward the end of the year but still it looks ok.

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